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Recent Posts Shortcode

Avada comes packaged with the Recent Posts Shortcode that has 3 different designs to display your recent blog posts. This shortcode has several meta options that allow you to customize the shortcode such as; choose the number of columns from 1-6, number of posts, include or exclude categories, show or hide thumbnails, title, meta, excerpt, excerpt length and more!

3 Different Layouts

Choose from Default, Thumbnail on Side, or Date on Side as your layout. You can also choose the number of columns to be displayed, the number of posts, and which categories, as well.

Recent Posts Default Style

Recent Posts Thumbnails On Side Style

Recent Posts Date On Side Style

Use In Columns

Fit this shortcode perfectly into your website by using them with our columns shortcode. This shortcode is fully responsive and will look good on any screen.

Animation Settings

The Recent Posts Shortcode

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